Transmission & Distribution Line Inspection Software
Streamlining Power Line Inspection and Maintenance of Electric Power Lines!

TLAMP is a GIS/GPS based application that maximizes the value of field inspections and performs outstanding work management capabilities. TLAMP gets your company up and running quickly on a flexible system that delivers reliability centered maintenance (RCM) at a fraction of the cost of more costly maintenance and inspection systems.

TLAMP - Powerline Inspections

maximize the value of powerline inspections 

TLAMP enhances the process of inspecting and maintaining transmission and distribution power lines. TLAMP is specifically designed to assist with the management of conditions observed during aerial, ground, and climb & shake inspection patrols of the high voltage transmission lines.

Through the use of system priority codes, TLAMP helps ensure that maintenance efforts are focused on addressing observed inspection conditions. These priority codes are assigned to each observation through TLAMP’s inspection menu system. The customizable inspection menus can have different branches and different priority codes for each observation. With the proper use of the priority system, TLAMP helps ensure that maintenance efforts are focused on addressing observed conditions that directly affect safety, system reliability, and timeliness of cost-effective repairs. Conversely, using TLAMP helps you avoid spending money prematurely to repair items that should wait until more cost effective to do so.

Aerial Inspections

Because TLAMP is designed for the rigors of flight it stands apart from other field inspection systems. TLAMP is built for speed and accuracy so performing aerial inspections and adding observations is quick and easy.

TLAMP's unique inspection menus and push button driven interface enables rapid and accurate observation input which greatly reduces the potential for mistakes and maximizes the value of critical, costly aerial inspection time.

TLAMP Mobile provides the inspector with many of the same capabilities of our standard TLAMP product but from smaller computing platforms.

When you are in areas that are hard to get to (patrolling by ATV, horseback, foot, climb & shake, etc.) and you can't tote a laptop with you or if your storage space is limited, TLAMP Mobile is your perfect companion. 

Work Order Management

TLAMP captures field repair status and updates inspection records, ntegrates with 3rd Party Work Management Systems.

TLAMP can be used as a standalone inspection/work management tool or can interface with 3rd party work management systems.

TLAMP assists your field inspectors in recording valuable data while out in the field, and lets them focus on the job at hand, rather than wrestling with their computers.

Integrated Report Designer
The Integrated Report Designer allows you to generate transmission line inspection reports quickly and efficiently.

The report designer provides the user with all the tools for designing a report's appearance, along with the ability of simultaneous previewing. The designer's interface meets up-to-date requirements. It contains several toolbars, which can be docked wherever you want.

Features, Benefits, Specs

TLAMP Features, Benefits & Specs


GPS & GIS Enabled
Automatic GPS tracking & Recording
Menu Driven Observation Record Entry
Configurable Inspection menus 
Audio recording for maintenance observations
Touch screen enabled
Configurable observation screens
Designed for Aerial (helicopter, UAV), Ground, and Climb & Shake inspection patrols
Custom patrols via the Patrol Builder
Export patrols to flight plans for UAV mission planners
Circuit Patrolling
Smart inspection mode, automatic inspection
Unlimited Inspection History


Extremely quick observation recording, usually with a few keystrokes
GPS location tracking and display on the map screen 
Helps to meet the NERC & FERC Federal requirements
Captures field repair actions and updates transmission line inspection records
Automatically generate work orders based on inspection results
Easily integrates with 3rd party work management systems
Work order tracking progress
Field asset verification & data maintenance
Helps to improve reliability, safety and lower costs


Hardware and Software Requirements: 
The following hardware and software requirements are specifcally for: TLAMP and Field Observer applications

1.6 GHz processor or better, x32 or x64-bit
80 GB Disk space or more
8GB Memory (RAM) or better
Touch screen monitor, recommended but not required
GPS Unit - GPS That outputs NMEA sentences, USB port with serial emulation

Operating System - Microsoft® Windows®
Database System - Microsoft® SQL Server